Building the Foundation for a Stronger Future

Holy Family Academy exists for the glory of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the sanctification and education of its members after the model of the Holy Family through the fulfillment of each member’s baptismal commitment: “to proclaim the Gospel” and “to renew all things in Christ.”

We provide outstanding Catholic education in a wholesome family environment that is committed to spiritual, academic and personal excellence.

We are dedicated to Scriptural and traditional values. Our spiritual formation includes daily prayers, weekly Mass, and all-school Rosary with Scripture reflection.

Our Story

Established in 1993, Holy Family Academy is a K-8 small, private and independent school teaching the Catholic Faith within a classical liberal-arts curriculum. Our school campus is located 12 minutes northeast of Salem in Brooks, Oregon.

Among the school’s blessings are the nearby Benedictine Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary and various religious houses of study and contemplation, including the Carmelites and the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, a supportive faculty, and an historic school building located in a rural setting.