Mission Statement

Holy Family Academy exists for the glory of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the sanctification and education of its members after the model of the Holy Family through the fulfillment of each member’s baptismal commitment: “to proclaim the Gospel” and “to restore all things in Christ.” It strives to accomplish this by means of an education wholly embedded in Catholic tradition that fosters the development of reason at the service of faith, participation in the liturgical life of the Church, and community enrichment through Christian service.

Statement of Philosophy

The mission of Holy Family Academy is lived out in loving fidelity to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, and all bishops in communion with him, especially our local ordinary, the Archbishop of Portland, Oregon. The guiding principles of Holy Family Academy are the Sacred Scriptures, the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and subsequent encyclicals and Apostolic Exhortations of the Roman Pontiffs (i.e., Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio, and Fides et Ratio).