• Holy Family Academy Benefit Auction

    Holy Family Academy Benefit Auction

    Please join us for our Annual Auction & Benefit featuring both Live and Virtual events! Read More
  • Help Us Build Our New Auditorium!

    Help Us Build Our New Auditorium!

    A cornerstone donor has come forward with a vision to build a multi-purpose auditorium on site. This building would completely transform Holy Family Academy’s ability to serve its students and families.  The possibilities of a project like this are endless... please help us make this dream a reality! Read More
  • Tradition, Classics & Christian Service

    Tradition, Classics & Christian Service

    Deriving its inspiration from the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the school strives to instill the Christian values of holiness, the inherent dignity of the person, and the necessity of the loving family as the basic unit of a good society. These values of holiness, dignity, and family form the foundation on which children build healthy spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual lives as adults and followers of Jesus Christ. Read More
  • History


    Holy Family Academy came into existence after a group of lay Catholics from the Mount Angel - Salem area recognized the need for Catholic education from a classical perspective that permitted greater parental involvement in keeping with the encyclical Familiaris Consortio. By Christmas of its first year, Holy Family was able to move into the picturesque Parkersville school building. Read More
  • Welcome


    Welcome to Holy Family Academy! It is our hope and prayer that this site will give you a general overview of our school, which exists for the glory of God. It is our privilege to teach K-8 students a modern classical liberal arts curriculum embedded in the Catholic faith in a wholesome family environment. Read More
  • The Big Picture

    The Big Picture

    Holy Family Academy exists for the glory of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the sanctification and education of its members after the model of the Holy Family through the fulfillment of each member's baptismal commitment: "to proclaim the Gospel" and "to renew all things in Christ." Read More
  • Mission & Philosophy

    Mission & Philosophy

    The mission of Holy Family Academy is lived out in loving fidelity to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, and all bishops in communion with him, especially our local ordinary, the Archbishop of Portland, Oregon. The guiding principles of Holy Family Academy are the Sacred Scriptures, the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and subsequent encyclicals and Apostolic Exhortations of the Roman Pontiffs (i.e., Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio, and Fides et Ratio). Read More
  • Holy Family Academy Religious/Liturgical Exercises

    Holy Family Academy Religious/Liturgical Exercises

  • Applying to HFA

    Applying to HFA

    You can register for Holy Family Academy by printing the following forms, completing them and mailing or bringing them, along with the registration fee, to the school. Start by clicking the Registration Form link. All forms must be completed to register your child. Read More
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